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ATOM 3.0 Product Information

ATOM 3.0 is a precise and automatic method for tracking employee/ contractor labor hours using event data from the existing database. ATOM 3.0 is now configured with HID brand of attendance card readers, but can be integrated with any other brand of card reading systems. ATOM 3.0 provides managers with real-time reporting and historical views of employee and contractors’ attendance. Eliminate manual data entry, chasing down missing timecards or waiting for labor costs.

ATOM 3.0 is the result of years of experience, customer feedback, research, and development in the time and attendance market. Designed with payroll cost-reduction in mind, critical employee data is delivered in real-time to frontline decision makers to manage those costly labor resources. ATOM 3.0 remains on the forefront of today’s technology using advanced employee access terminals.

Clients can set up any number of codes to classify time and expenses by department, project, task, purchase order, work order, etc. Contractors can submit their billing hours and variance reports using a web browser. Managers can review, consolidate and authorize the timesheets and correct any erroneous entries before payroll processing begins.

What makes ATOM 3.0 Different?

  • Easy to Use


    Like any of our other web applications, we have spent a significant amount of time refining our software in order to make sure ATOM 3.0 is user-friendly for both administrators and managers.

  • Centralized System


    By taking advantage of web technology that is available today, ATOM 3.0 can be managed from one central location. This is very useful for large corporations having different locations worldwide. There is no need to travel, call, or email different locations to change a craft/rate.

  • No need for additional hardware/ software


    ATOM 3.0 software components can run on your existing Windows 2000, XP or Vista computers. You do not have to purchase additional hardware/ software.

  • Auto Emailing of Timesheets


    ATOM 3.0 will automatically email out the timesheets for the previous day to all contractors. Each contracting company can then send the adjusted timesheets back to ATOM 3.0 and it will be posted back to the SAP Invoicing system after two levels of approval process.

  • Contractors Cost Report


    Contractors Cost Report shows the total billing amount for a contractor for a specific date range. This report will show each employee’s working hours and cost. The grand total will be displayed at the bottom. Users have the option to select different contractors and date ranges. This report can also be exported to MS Excel.

  • Integration with SAP/ Primavera


    ATOM can be integrated with SAP. SAP MM purchase orders and PM work orders can be pulled into ATOM 3.0. Once the supervisor authorizes the time for a contractor, the pay is calculated and forwarded to the invoicing system (SAP, JD Edwards, etc). It can also be integrated with scheduling software (Primavera), by linking earned man hours to burned.

    Add any custom designed reports to the system typically within 48 hours under proper conditions. Transferring payroll data from ATOM 3.0 to your payroll system or general ledger is quick and easy, eliminating the time-consuming and repetitive task of data entry.

  • Reports


    The following are a few major reports available in ATOM 3.0: Current Employees inside the plant, Head Count Report, Total Hours, Daily Timesheet, Variance Report, Difference between scanned time and contractor submitted time, Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Annual Cost report

ATOM Portable Timekeeping System (PTK)

Revolutionary Portable System

ATOM PTK is Toadfly’s own portable timekeeping system based on ATOM 3.0. ATOM PTK is the perfect solution for remote/temporary locations where a timekeeping system is needed, but a permanent system is not necessarily required at that point in time. Not only does this provide a flexible and efficient solution, but also a much more affordable option compared to other alternatives.

How does ATOM PTK work?

ATOM PTK is our very own design that uses a lightweight and portable case which can be carried easily within a job site. Employees and contractors can badge in/out by swiping their cards by the sides of the PTK, at which point the data is sent to the Toadfly servers though an Internet connection. From there, managers can access the ATOM web application and look at real-time punches, timesheets, attendance, reports, cost reports, man-hour reports, etc.

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ATOM Workflow

ATOM Highlights

  • Get rid of manual timesheets
  • Track time & attendance as it happens in real-time
  • Designed for both fixed locations and mobile crews.
  • Direct data feed to invoicing system (SAP)
  • Deployable at Remote/ Temporary Locations
  • Lightweight and Portable PTK
  • PTK Powered by a standard 110 VAC
  • Real-time connection to Toadfly Reporting Server
  • Custom reports available on request

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