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What is ATOM 3.0?

ATOM 3.0 provides managers with real-time reporting and historical views of employee and contractor hours, eliminating time-consuming manual data entry. Find out why ATOM has saved our clients thousands of dollars every year.

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The Smarter Way to Manage Employee Time & Attendance

Attendance & Timekeeping for Overall Management 3.0(ATOM 3.0)

ATOM 3.0 is a precise and automatic method for tracking employee/ contractor labor hours using event data from the existing database. ATOM 3.0 is now configured with HID brand of attendance card readers, but can be integrated with any other brand of card reading systems. ATOM 3.0 provides managers with real-time reporting and historical views of employee and contractors’ attendance. Eliminate manual data entry, chasing down missing timecards or waiting for labor costs. Find out more...

About ATOM 3.0 Mobile App

By using our ATOM 3.0 Mobile App, employees can quickly and easily badge In & Out. Utilizing cloud based technology there are no servers or software to maintain. Managers can run time and attendance reports anytime, anywhere. Find out more...

Revolutionary Portable System

ATOM PTK is Toadfly’s own portable timekeeping system based on ATOM 3.0. ATOM PTK is the perfect solution for remote/temporary locations where a timekeeping system is needed, but a permanent system is not necessarily required at that point in time. Not only does this provide a flexible and efficient solution, but also a much more affordable option compared to other alternatives. Find out more...

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ATOM Highlights

  • Get rid of manual timesheets
  • Track time & attendance as it happens in real-time
  • Designed for both fixed locations and mobile crews.
  • Direct data feed to invoicing system (SAP)
  • Real-time connection to Toadfly Reporting Server
  • Custom reports available on request